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Information About General Dentistry Procedures

At Washington Center for Dentistry, our team helps patients with a variety of general dentistry options. Specializing in calming dental anxiety from each visit and ensuring you feel positive about each session, the team of expert dentists in Washington, D.C. has years of experience performing treatments that can improve your oral health. We offer drill-free fillings, tooth-colored fillings, dental inlays, dental onlays, digital impressions, root canals, and sealant treatments. Please schedule an appointment at our Washington, D.C. dental office to help protect you and your family's oral health.

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Drill-free fillings ease a patient’s fear and anxiety through the use of a micro-air wand instead of a traditional drill to remove damaging decay.

Tooth-colored fillings are a safer, more attractive alternative to metal fillings that blend well with natural teeth compared to metal fillings.

Dental inlays are used to fill cavities with a solid substance, like porcelain or gold, for long-lasting results to save decaying and damaged teeth.

Dental onlays are larger in size than dental inlays, and are used to replace one or more decayed cusps, or bumps, on the tooth’s chewing surface.

Digital impressions use advanced technology to make a precise model of the teeth cleanly, and painlessly for better-fitting restoration treatments.

A root canal procedure addresses the tooth’s pulp and nerve and is performed on an infected tooth to prevent chronic pain and possible tooth loss.

To prevent tooth decay, sealants can be applied to the chewing surfaces on the back of the teeth to keep food and germs from adhering to this area.