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Dental inlays in Washington, DC

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Decayed, cavity-ridden teeth have met their match with dental inlays. While dental inlays are similar to fillings, they are longer-lasting and less prone to recurring decay, and they can have a more natural look. More specifically, they are designed to repair teeth where more than half of the tooth is missing or integrity is compromised. The highly skilled dentists at Washington Center for Dentistry will use a solid substance like porcelain or gold to fill in cavities and decayed teeth. Once the inlay is fitted into the tooth’s cavity, it is cemented in place and usually remains intact for 10 or more years. The inlays will be created in Washington Center’s In-House Dental Lab for quicker, more precise results. Typically, patients can get their inlay made and cemented during the same visit.

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Types of Inlays

Inlays are available in two types: direct and indirect. Direct inlays are made and placed more quickly than indirect since indirect inlays require a mold to be made in the dental lab before it’s placed on the tooth. Due to advanced technology, both types are created and installed quicker than ever, where we can reduce the number of visits you have to make to our office. Confused about which type you might need? Don't worry since one of our knowledgeable dentists will determine the appropriate type of inlay to use based on how much of your tooth is left. Regardless of the inlay you receive, you can save a tooth that you may have thought was beyond repair.

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The highly-trained dental experts at the Washington Center for Dentistry provide professional oral care, including dental inlays, which have helped restore the mouths of countless patients. We look forward to welcoming you to our Washington D.C. dental practice and providing you with the procedures and expertise that will allow you to smile with confidence.

Inlay vs. Filling

Compared to traditional amalgam, or silver, fillings, inlays are more natural-looking, where they match the neighboring teeth better and blend in more seamlessly. After all, who has naturally silver teeth? While a filling is designed to simply fill an existing hole in the tooth, an inlay’s purpose is to protect the tooth’s chewing surface to prevent future, more extensive damage. Another advantage of inlays is that they are more durable than amalgam fillings. Live life. Eat what you like. That inlay is staying put!

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