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Dental hygiene is not just a cleaning, but it is a clinical appointment. Since teeth are a part of the body, it's no coincidence that their health affects the rest of the body. In fact, in dentistry, dental hygiene is the most important appointment since it also involves oral cancer screening and helps spot budding problems, when they are small, before they cause more serious, costlier treatment. Patients are amazed at the 12-Point Dental Hygiene Service that the dentists of Washington Center for Dentistry offer. The thorough exam is more than just tooth cleaning but involves total review and care, which keeps teeth healthier for longer.

What Are the Benefits?

  • Regular hygiene patients spend 50 to 75% less on dental treatment over a lifetime – because most problems are prevented or caught early and need less treatment.
  • Regular hygiene patients have healthier gums and bone.
  • Regular hygiene patients keep their teeth longer.
  • Regular hygiene patients know that dental problems often have no symptoms.
  • Regular hygiene patients know that a mouth feeling okay doesn’t guarantee a mouth free of problems.
  • Regular hygiene patients have lighter, younger teeth – with fewer stains that build up on the enamel.

12-Point Dental Hygiene

New patients are always amazed by Washington Center for Dentistry’s 12-Point Dental Hygiene Service and love the thorough exam and state-of-the-art treatment that is routine. Not all dental hygiene cleanings are the same. Patients who choose us value a hygiene cleaning appointment that is much more than tooth cleaning. Our wish for you: Spend Most of Your Time in the Hygienist’s Chair and Less Time in the Dentist’s Chair!

12-Point Dental Hygiene Service is the least invasive, least expensive, most important clinical appointment in Dentistry. It’s great to be diligent about brushing and flossing, but no matter the home care of a patient’s mouth, nothing replaces the specialized care of a highly trained, gentle, friendly hygienist. The hygienist cleans places a tooth brush can’t reach!

Build-up moving below the gum line can lead to serious trouble. This build-up, or plaque, below the gum line can erode the bone of the jaw, as well as the root of the tooth. Regular hygiene cleanings help to prevent infection below the gum line. 

Washington Center for Dentistry’s 12-Point Hygiene Service:
1. One-hour appointment to ensure total review and care.
2. Oral cancer screening because early detection means a chance for a cure.
3. Blood pressure check to promote total wellness.
4. Bite analysis to prevent fractures and wear and tear.
5. Health check of gums and bone to prevent the “Number 1” cause of tooth loss.
6. Fluoride Varnish to cut decay by 85%.
7. Lasers to promote healthy, pink gums.
8. Cleaning where toothbrushes can’t reach.
9. Digital camera photos of the mouth to see problems early before they become more severe.
10. High-Tech Decay Detector to get early detection and prevent tooth aches and tooth loss.
11. Air-Jet Polishing to remove stubborn stains and promote whiteness.
12. Sealant “armor” to guard against cavities.

Do I Need Dental Hygiene?

If you’re like our other patients, you came to the Washington Center for Dentistry seeking only the best for your oral health and your overall health. And that’s our main mission: To help you keep your teeth—and your body—healthy, beautiful and young, for the rest of your life! First, we need to measure the health of your mouth, from 0 to 4—this is your oral health number. This is one time when it’s best to be a big “Zero!”


  • No bleeding while probing.
  • Space between teeth and gum 3mm or less.
  • No bone loss on X-ray.


  • Bleeding while probing.
  • Space between teeth and gum 4mm or less.
  • No bone loss on X-ray.


  • Bleeding while probing.
  • Space between teeth and gum 4-5mm.
  • Slight bone loss on X-ray.


  • Bleeding while probing.
  • Space between teeth and gum 5-7mm.
  • Moderate bone loss on X-ray.


  • Bleeding while probing.
  • Space between teeth and gum 7mm or more.
  • Severe bone loss on X-ray.
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A Must-Have Appointment

Forget everything you ever thought you knew about dental hygiene. This is not just a cleaning, but one of the most important appointments that you'll ever go on. Washington Center for Dentistry's highly-touted 12-point hygiene appointment takes every single detail into account. We leave no tooth untouched! We thoroughly check out every aspect of your mouth to not only keep your mouth in great shape now, but also to prevent future problems like gum disease, decay and tooth loss. Regular dental hygiene is a must, so you should go ahead and give us a call today to schedule your appointment!

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