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Information About Dental Technology Procedures

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The Air-Flow Polisher is a small, wand-sized machine that combines air, water, and small powder particles to quickly clean and polish the teeth.

With a laser decay detector, dentists effectively use this revolutionary technology to find even the smallest amounts of decay in a timelier manner.

Dentists use iTero® digital impressions to digitally record teeth after they are prepared for new restorations, the opposing teeth and occlusion.

With 3D X-rays, dentists can get unobstructed, more detailed imaging of a patient’s teeth, mouth, face, and neck to customize a better treatment plan.

Computerized X-rays use special sensors, in the place of film to reduce radiation exposure, as compared to a traditional X-ray, for safer results.

Part of a newer generation of dental lasers, the diode laser is more advanced, safer, gentler and boasts superior results with greater reliability.

The WaterLase® Laser provides more sanitary, more precise dental work that is virtually pain-free, while reducing trauma and leading to less downtime.

Intra-Oral TV involves a tiny, pen-sized camera that’s used to look inside of a patient’s mouth for current problems and to prevent future issues.