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Our Services

Our Services

At the Washington Center for Dentistry, we provide our talented team of doctors with the latest advances in dental technology for more accurate diagnoses and effective treatments. We employ laser decay detectors, 3D and computerized x-rays, laser treatments, and more. If you're in the Washington, DC area, call us today to schedule an appointment. Let us show you how easy and effective the next generation of dental care can be.

Dental Technology

Digital Smile Design

As the first practice in Washington, D.C. to offer this exciting service, Washington Center for Dentistry is proud to introduce Digital Smile Design.

Air-Flow Polisher

The Air-Flow Polisher is a small, wand-sized machine that combines air, water, and small powder particles to quickly clean and polish the teeth.

Laser Decay Detector

With a laser decay detector, dentists effectively use this revolutionary technology to find even the smallest amounts of decay in a timelier manner.

ITERO® Digital Impressions

Dentists use iTero® digital impressions to digitally record teeth after they are prepared for new restorations, the opposing teeth and occlusion.

3D X-Ray

With 3D X-rays, dentists can get unobstructed, more detailed imaging of a patient’s teeth, mouth, face, and neck to customize a better treatment plan.

Computerized X-Ray

Computerized X-rays use special sensors, in the place of film to reduce radiation exposure, as compared to a traditional X-ray, for safer results.

Diode Laser

Part of a newer generation of dental lasers, the diode laser is more advanced, safer, gentler and boasts superior results with greater reliability.

WaterLase® Laser

The WaterLase® Laser provides more sanitary, more precise dental work that is virtually pain-free, while reducing trauma and leading to less downtime.

Intra-Oral TV

Intra-Oral TV involves a tiny, pen-sized camera that’s used to look inside of a patient’s mouth for current problems and to prevent future issues.

iTero Element 5D

iTero Element is our new 6,000-Images-Per-Second scanner that charts health and wellness.