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Fast. Thorough. Quiet.

The Air-Flow Polisher

Only at Our Practice

Removes 100% of bacteria in half the time!

Our Patients Love it! Here's why:

Q. What is an “Air-Flow Polisher?”
A. It’s a wand-size machine that uses a mixture of water, compressed air and fine powder particles to polish teeth without direct contact. There is no pressure, no heat, no noise!

Q. Why is it revolutionary?”
A. In a 180-degree turn form the old scraping technique, it uses a strong jet of water to instantly whisk away 100 percent of harmful bacteria, also called biofilm or plaque. These plaque areas breed infection and inflammation—causing oral diseases, gum disease and tooth loss. A power-wash action gets it done in an instant.

Q. Why is it so different?”
A. It’s a huge game-changer in its ability to aim a strong jet of water into periodontal “pockets” as much as 5 mm deep. Down deep in those pockets is where the bad bacteria hide out and eat away at the bone holding in our teeth.

Q. Why do patients love it?”
A. Since no one loves the feeling of rubber discs rubbing or tools scraping on teeth and gums, the quiet experience of cool water is a welcome change.

Q. What about patients with sensitive teeth?”
A. Air-Flow polishing not only helps to reduce sensitivity, it also works to re-mineralize damaged teeth.

Q. How can it achieve faster teeth cleaning?”
A. Many important studies have shown that air polishing works three times faster at removing plaque and stains than the traditional scrape and polish method.