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What Is Waterlase Laser?

Two of the most dreaded things at the dentist’s office for most patients are the drill and the needle. Thanks to modern technology, both can basically be avoided with the WaterLase Laser, which uses laser energy and air to power water for various procedures. The dentists at Washington Center for Dentistry use WaterLase to precisely target the teeth and gums for virtually no pain to the patient. Since the laser doesn’t generate pressure, heat or vibration, there’s less need for shots and the drill. As a result, there’s less trauma, bleeding and swelling and can result in fewer dental visits since more work can get accomplished in one visit. 

What Is Waterlase Laser Used For?

WaterLase can safely and effectively perform numerous procedures on the teeth, bones and gums, including:

  • Cavity preparation
  • Tooth decay/cavity removal
  • Sealants
  • Preparation for crown impressions
  • Drainage of abscesses
  • Root canal cleaning
  • Crown lengthening
  • Cutting, contouring, shaving of bone
  • Root canal disinfection
  • Preparation for root canal

Dr. Fordjour is a good as it gets. The staff at the Washington Center for Dentistry was incredibly helpful and attentive. The cosmic dentistry was flawless and is virtually invisible to the general public. Dr. Fordjour fully understood that "real" teeth are a much better option than "perfect" teeth. I've had two dentists in my life and now that I've gone to Dr. Fordjour there won't be a third.

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Dr. Rinaldi is a wonderful, amazing person. So often we don't find this in a dentist. The man has a giant heart, is insanely talented and is humble enough to work to get it right. He has undone the damage of another terrible dentist, and I could not be more grateful. Beautiful person. Beautiful office. Amazing staff. I cannot say enough about how fortunate I feel having found this place.

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How Does Waterlase Laser Treatment Work?

  • Pain, pain, go away. Yes, with WaterLase, there is virtually no pain. When using WaterLase, a dentist can minimize the need for drills and anesthesia, which means no feared needles.
  • Power of water. Since WaterLase is powered by water, it is gentler and safer on the mouth’s tissue. Since our teeth are partly comprised of water, when the WaterLase makes contact with your tooth, it allows the water molecules to penetrate the tooth. The continuous water spray keeps your tooth hydrated, which prevents heating.
  • Cuts down on time. Since this laser is so gentle and effective, your dentist can combine and complete simpler tasks at once, which cuts down on your need to keep trekking down to the office.
  • Safety. WaterLase has been tested extensively and proven safe enough to use on the youngest patients to the oldest.
  • Precision. This laser works only on the intended area and doesn’t affect non-treatment areas. It removes very precise amounts of tooth without causing damage, cracking or chipping the rest of the tooth.
  • Less risk of cross-contamination. Since WaterLase doesn’t actually come into contact with the tooth and your dentist uses disposable tips, the chance of cross-contamination is basically non-existent. That’s one less thing you need to worry about.

Get Healthier Teeth and Gums Today

The awesome power of water has effectively been harvested for the WaterLase laser. This truly unique laser uses water for a variety of procedures on the teeth, gums and bones. Our innovative dentists use this technology to greatly reduce the need for drills and shots during certain procedures. Less drills and needles mean less anxiety for our patients, which is one of our top priorities. We can explain in detail how WaterLase works, the best procedures it's used for, side effects and more. All you need to do is pick up your phone and give us a call to set-up a consultation. 

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