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Air-Flow Polisher in Washington, D.C.

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The Air-Flow Polisher is a compact but comprehensive dental cleaning technology that combines the use of compressed air, fine powder particles, and water to polish your teeth quickly and without direct contact. In heavy contrast to the manual scraping techniques of yesterday, the Air-Flow Polisher uses a very strong current of water to remove bacteria and plaque without heat, noise, or discomfort. As the first and only practice in the area to use this technology, Washington Center for Dentistry remains a step above the rest as it pertains to remaining at the forefront of modern advances in the industry. 

What Makes it Revolutionary?

Perhaps the most revolutionary aspects of the Air-Flow Polisher include speed and effectiveness. The polisher works three times faster than manual techniques and removes nearly 100% of harmful bacteria in the process. The power-wash action also helps to remove stains caused by foods and beverages while protecting your teeth against sensitivity, scraping, rubbing, or harsh tools. The strong jet of water released by the applicator removes the bacteria responsible for inflammation and infection, reducing the risk of gum disease and tooth loss. 

What are the Benefits?

A few of the incredible benefits of the Air-Flow Polisher include:

  • Deep cleaning up to 5mm deep into the periodontal pockets 
  • Reduction of tooth sensitivity
  • Re-mineralizing of damaged teeth
  • Removal of up to 100% of plaque and bacteria
  • No need for scraping or hand tools
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For Teeth that Shine

Committed to offering our patients the best of the best, Washington Center for Dentistry is excited to introduce the Air-Flow Polisher. With its sleek, lightweight design and ease of use by the operator, this advanced technology makes dental cleaning easier for everyone. For teeth that shine in no time, ask us about this effective and exciting technology at your next visit. The days of manual scraping and cleaning are behind us with the help of the Air-Flow Polisher in Washington, D.C.