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iTero Element 5D (Infrared Dental Scanner) in Washington DC

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Welcome to dentistry’s newest scanning technology, and we are excited to have the first of its kind in DC!

Our iTero Element 5D, the only dental scanner that takes 6,000 images per second, uses Infrared Imaging, real-time decay finder and time-lapse 3-D Imaging.

With this pain-free health and wellness scan—we conduct a “Digital Tour” of the inside of your teeth! Imagine viewing budding tooth decay with your dentist—right on the screen. (Remember when the pointy instrument was the state-of-the-art decay finder?

Add to that a TimeLapse function that compares images of your teeth—over time. We “overlay” a previous scan onto your current scan, and see the smallest changes in your bite, track receding gums, and detect even slight tooth movements. In addition, the detailed images pinpoint problems so precisely that we can resolve problems while removing less tooth structure. Talk about 21st century dental tracking!

Our Doctors Love It

“The scan-over-scan makes it easy to see even ‘micro-changes’ that we can take care of before they become problems,” says Dr. Elana Shlansky. “And now patients can see what I see in their mouth.”

Another exciting advance for Dr. Shlansky is being able to see cracks in teeth that do not always show up on routine X-Rays. “There usually needs to be a 30 percent change to show up on X-Ray,” she says. She also really appreciates the huge advantage of always having a copy of the patient’s mouth right there in the office, when they are not there.

“It’s a game-changer that goes beyond our fondest dreams in dentistry, “says Dr. Daniel Deutsch. “The most amazing communication and diagnostic tool we’ve ever had. Patients can SEE their decay, changes in their bite from wear and tear. They love it. We love it.”

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