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Digital Smile Design

What Is A Digital Smile Design?

Digital Smile Design (DSD) is a one-of-a-kind, best-in-class, digital imaging software and application. This innovative technology allows advanced dental practitioners to show a patient a 3D preview of their future face and smile following their cosmetic dentistry procedures. By closely following five standards of care, Washington Center for Dentistry allows patients to take their future smiles for a test drive before creating their customized treatment plan.

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A Transformed Smile

As the first dental practice in Washington, D.C. to offer this cutting-edge service, our team hopes to see Digital Smile Design change the lives of area patients. DSD is facially driven by using personalized images and videos of the patient’s teeth, mouth, jaw, and facial structure to help our practitioners digitally plan their cosmetic dentistry treatments or smile makeovers.

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The blueprint of your new smile begins with Digitization We design your new smile to fit your whole self, not only your mouth.

3D Smile Design

We create visual balance in your new smile design with cutting-edge technology for natural esthetics and enhanced confidence.

Digital Treatment Planning

Make an informed decision with Digital Treatment Planning. As a team, we use our combined collective knowledge to use the best strategies in your treatment plan.

Smile Test Drive

See a preview of your future smile with advanced software that allows you to “try on” your future smile.

Guided Digital Dentistry

Your dream smile becomes a reality with Guided Treatment. Guided Treatment is the important final step in a smile makeover; it ensures all your clinical procedures are done with precision, efficiency and predictability.

Who Is A Candidate?

Any patient who previously considered a cosmetic dentistry treatment is a great candidate for DSD!

Why DSD?

DSD allows you to take your smile for a test drive and assists your provider with digital treatment planning.

What Are the Benefits?

Truly customized, facially driven treatment planning that helps you achieve a stunning final result.

Smile Test Drive?

See a preview of your future smile with advanced software that allows you to “try on” your future smile.