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Intra-Oral TV

Diagnostic Imaging in Washington, DC

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what is intra-oral tv?

The skilled dentists at Washington Center for Dentistry use the highly effective Intra-Oral TV. This advanced technology takes a tiny, pen-sized camera and puts it right inside of a patient’s mouth, shedding light on damaged fillings and crowns, gum disease and any budding problems that may cause future issues. The video image fills a full-color screen so both the dentist and the patient can see what’s happening in real-time. From there, the dentist can effectively customize an appropriate treatment plan to treat current issues and prevent future ones from arising.

What are the Benefits of intra-oral tv?

  • The patient is more involved in his or her health. Since you are able to see the images along with your dentist, you actually know your condition in real-time. As you sit comfortably in the dental chair, you can speak with your doctor to discuss your treatment options based off what both of you are seeing. You are able to make better, more informed decisions.
  • Problems can be detected sooner before they turn into more painful, extensive issues. The intra-oral camera is great at detecting cavities and gum disease.
  • Since the images can be magnified and are so detailed, the dentist can catch things he might have otherwise missed, causing a more thorough exam, which culminates in better results.

how does intra-oral tv work?

  • One of our dentists will place a tiny camera into your mouth.
  • The camera will be moved around for the dentist to get the best possible view. You’ll experience no pain.
  • The camera will take clear, detailed pictures of your teeth and gums.
  • The pictures will then be transmitted to a TV screen where both you and the dentist can clearly see the images.
  • The dentist will review the pictures and consult with you in order to develop the best possible treatment plan.
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You've probably heard about it and you've probably seen it, but have you ever had a tiny camera in your mouth? If not, you've got to experience the power and wonder of the intra-oral TV. With this form of imaging, our dentists will place a tiny camera into your mouth to snap away and get detailed pictures of your teeth and gums. All you have to do is sit there. No smiling is required! Your images will be transmitted to a TV screen, where both you and your dentist can see clear, detailed pictures. Please contact us today to learn more about intra-oral TV during a thorough consultation.