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Smile Makeover

Smile Makeover in Washington, DC

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what is a smile makeover?

A bright, attractive smile is one of a patient’s best attributes. There’s no better way to make a good first impression than displaying a smile with 2 full rows of white teeth. The dentists at Washington Center for Dentistry understand how important this is and have years of experience crafting these smiles for our patients in the Metro Washington, DC area with smile makeovers. To correct any number of dental needs and to restore a smile to its natural luster, a smile makeover, within a cosmetic dentistry treatment plan, might be the perfect option.

Of all the dental services Washington Center offers, a smile makeover is one of the most extensive. In fact, it is not just one procedure. It includes several different procedures designed to address a wide variety of problems. As such, a smile makeover is not for everyone. The dentists will discuss the options with a patient at a free initial consultation. There, the dentist and patient will determine whether a smile makeover is right or if another treatment is more appropriate.

how does a smile makeover work?

In order to fix these problems, our dentists will design an ambitious treatment plan for your specific needs. The end result? A bright, beautiful smile you can be happy to show off in pictures. Every patient is unique, and so is every smile makeover. Our dentists will determine which aesthetic dentistry procedures are appropriate for you. However, smile makeovers can commonly include:

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Smile Makeover FAQ

What can a smile makeover fix?

A smile makeover is appropriate for patients who are dealing with a number of different dental issues that inhibit their smile. If this describes you, then 1 or 2 simple procedures won’t be enough to give you the smile you deserve.

Our smile makeovers address problems as diverse as:

  • Broken teeth
  • Stained or yellow teeth
  • Chipped or cracked teeth
  • Uneven teeth
  • Crooked teeth
  • Missing teeth
  • Gapped teeth or teeth with spaces
  • A gummy smile

What goes into a smile makeover?

Most smile makeovers will include porcelain veneers as a major component but can also include teeth whitening, dental implants, bridges, crowns, teeth bonding and contouring, teeth straightening, tooth-colored fillings, and more.

How much time is involved with a smile makeover?

Many smile makeovers require multiple office visits to complete and will depend on the condition of your teeth and your aesthetic goals. A typical office visit lasts about 30 – 90 minutes.

Do smile makeovers hurt?

No, most of the procedures involved in a smile makeover aren't painful. Even with more involved procedures like dental implants and fillings at Washington Center for Dentistry, our team always prioritizes our patient's comfort during every procedure, offering nitrous oxide sedation and oral sedation.

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get a beautiful new smile

When you look in the mirror and smile, what do you see? Do you see teeth that are yellowed, crooked, gapped or uneven gums? If you can't get past these issues, you might want to consider a smile makeover. Consisting of a variety of procedures, you can repair virtually any problem with your teeth and gums to make over your smile into what you want it to be. When you choose Washington Center for Dentistry, you can rest assured that our dentists use the safest, most effective and technologically-advanced procedures around. Please contact our office today about setting up an appointment.

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