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How Dental Insurance Works

Many of our patients have questions about how dental insurance works, since it is actually pretty different from medical insurance. Although advances in medical and dental technologies have raised the standard of care in dentistry and overall health and are considered medically necessary, dental insurance coverage—even to rescue the worst dental disaster patient—barely touches the bare minimum of what is needed to restore patients to a healthy life. Sadly, the objective of insurance companies is to provide the cheapest care possible. This does not come close to the Washington Center for Dentistry philosophy of care.

How dental insurance works is that it usually pays a maximum yearly benefit of $1,000-2,000 for your care. Medical Insurance rarely covers anything related to the mouth. In the highly unlikely event that your company administers its own plan (self-insured employers), your company administrator might allow implant care; your company would know the specifics. The best way to take full advantage of your dental coverage is to understand its features. Our best advice is to read your benefits information and contact your company for specific information on how your dental insurance works.

Washington Center for Dentistry’s treatment is tax deductible for most patients. Even if you finance your care, you can deduct the full amount in the year that you start treatment. Contact your tax adviser for help.

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