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Loose Teeth

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It is a fact in dentistry that healthy teeth do not get loose. Loose teeth can be caused by advancing gum disease, damaged bone and gum tissue, inadequate support structure or non-dental health issues. If a patient has loose teeth or some that are starting to shift, he or she should meet with a dentist at Washington Center for Dentistry. They can provide options to replace loose teeth, even teeth that appear beyond saving. An evaluation will determine whether or not gum disease or other health problems are causing tooth loss or destructive bone damage. The smallest shifting of teeth could be an indication of an underlying health problem or oral health condition that needs to be treated.

Causes of Loose Teeth

  • It could be the result of advancing gum disease.
  • Advanced periodontal disease left untreated can destroy gum tissue and the bone holding teeth in place.
  • Bone and gum tissue around the teeth are damaged.
  • Teeth without enough support structure begin to get loose and eventually fall out or the dentist extracts them.
  • Sometimes loose teeth are the result of another non-dental health problem.

Signs of Loose Teeth

The most common signs of loose teeth are:

  • Bleeding gum tissue.
  • Inflamed gum tissue.
  • Food stuck between teeth or underneath gums.
  • Pus around the teeth.
  • Receding gum tissue.
  • Sore gum tissue.

Treatment Options

There are a number of options available to repair and replace loose teeth. The most common are:

  • Bone grafts.
  • Periodontal surgery.
  • Antibiotic therapy.
  • Gingival grafts.
  • Dental Implants.
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Don't Settle for Loose Teeth

Loose teeth are not only a confidence-killer but could spell serious health issues, along with causing expensive and extensive treatment down the road. At Washington Center for Dentistry, we not only want to fix loose teeth, but we want to get to the root cause. Whether it's gum disease, damaged gum tissue or non-dental related, our experienced dentists will get to the bottom of loose teth with skill and compassion. Since we want to keep you healthy, we have a whole host of treatments we can employ for your loose teeth. Please call us today to schedule an appointment. 

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