Understanding Oral Risks

At the Washington Center for Dentistry, our seasoned team of dentists emphasizes preventive care and customizes oral hygiene treatment. Our goal is to help catch dental conditions, like periodontal disease, as early as possible before they become a serious cause of concern. For this reason, we are excited to offer innovative saliva testing to the Greater Washington, DC community to help our patients maintain their best smile and overall health. Our specific test focuses on identifying 11 different types of oral bacteria that can travel through the teeth and gum tissue into the bloodstream, which can greatly affect an individual’s general health, even when patients don’t show signs of periodontal disease.

Risk Of Oral Bacteria

Life-changing research was discovered during a landmark peer-reviewed study completed by the co-founders of the BaleDoneen Method®, Bradley Bale, M.D. and Amy Doneen, D.N.P. They are the first medical researchers to report that harmful bacteria from periodontal disease can travel through the bloodstream, which isn’t just a risk factor, but a contributing cause of heart disease. They published their highly researched, evidence-based study, the oral-systemic link, in 2016. This extensive report revealed that oral bacteria release chemicals that make it easier for cholesterol to overrun the artery walls, which can lead to severe blood clots that can obstruct blood flow, causing a heart attack or stroke.

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