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Can I Get Fillings Without Drilling?

By: Our WCD Team


Dental fillings are necessary for protecting teeth that have cavities. A filling will cover open spaces and preserve the dental structure, ensuring the tooth’s safety. Our dentists at Washington Center for Dentistry in Washington, D.C. can help you receive a filling for a damaged tooth.

One solution we have for fillings can work without drilling. We use the latest technology to manage drill-free fillings through air abrasion. The practice provides a safe approach to managing a filling and is more comfortable for patients to use. But, it is only for those in the early stages of dental decay. So, contact us soon to determine if you can benefit from this practice.

What is air abrasion?

Air abrasion is a new technology that helps apply a filling without using a drill in the tooth. The procedure safely clears the tooth and helps you receive a filling without producing discomfort.

The process entails an air instrument spraying a fine stream that goes through the tooth. The stream has a gritty texture that enters at low pressure, protecting the dental structure.

The location where the stream will enter will vary based on what we find in an x-ray. We will complete an x-ray to find the specific space where the stream should go, allowing us to target and remove more of the decay. The goal is to get rid of enough decay to improve how you can receive the help you deserve.

The particles will brush the tooth and clear out the decayed tissue in the area. The decay will be removed to allow enough room for a filling. The filling can be safely inserted into the opening to cover whatever imperfection might appear in the dental structure.

The practice is safe for most people, as it helps reduce the irritation you may feel in the area. You won’t be distracted by vibrations, noises, or other physical annoyances. The process doesn’t produce uncomfortable scents either.

You also won’t risk feeling numb in the treated area. You will not notice annoying sensations that might make you feel uncomfortable.

Is this procedure for everyone?

While our doctors at Washington Center for Dentistry in Washington, D.C. are proud to offer drill-free fillings, this solution is not for everyone. A drill-free filling is for early forms of dental decay. It is not for decay that has gone too deep into the dental structure. A drill would still be necessary for situations where the decay is too deep for an air abrasion machine.

We can complete a thorough review of your tooth to determine if you can qualify for air abrasion. We can take an x-ray of your tooth to see how the decay has developed and if you will require any further care in the area.

Contact us today to out more about drill-free dental fillings

Drill-free dental fillings are an option for many people who require help fixing decay-related problems with their teeth. The professionals at Washington Center of Dentistry in Washington, D.C. are dedicated to providing treatments with comfort and care. We are located on K Street NW near the McPherson Square station on the Metro Blue, Orange, and Silver Lines, so visit us today or contact us to learn more.

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