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Is it Easy to Brush and Floss With Dental Implants?

By: Our WCD Team


Missing one or more teeth can do a lot of damage to the health, function, and even aesthetic appearance of your teeth. Dental implants can work to bring back these missing factors. However, many people wonder if dental implants take a lot of special care to maintain. Our talented team can help you answer this question and many more that you may have. Schedule a consultation with Washinton Center for Dentistry in Washington, D.C. today.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are titanium posts that are inserted in your gums and jawbone so they can begin to integrate with your bone. They will then be able to act as a natural tooth root and provide much-needed support and structure to your mouth. After the implant is integrated and healed, dental restorations, such as a crown, bridge, or even full dentures, can be attached to the post and work just like your natural teeth do. Dental implants can help restore vital functions like eating and speaking. Dental implants have even been shown to stop or reverse signs of bone loss caused by missing teeth. This means that you can restore the health of your mouth while also helping enhance the appearance of your smile.

What does the dental implant process entail?

The treatment plan for dental implants occurs in four steps.

  • Step 1: Evaluation – During this stage, a member of our team will examine your teeth, mouth, and jaw to see if dental implants would be a good option for you. A 3D CT scan may be used to look at the anatomy of your jaw and the density of your bone. This helps to determine if you have the bone tissue required for this procedure.

  • Step 2: Treatment plan – It is important to treat any dental damage, disease, or infection before your implants are placed. Your doctor will work with you to create a complete treatment plan.

  • Step 3: Treatment – During this stage, we will begin the dental implant surgery. Even during the recovery stage of this process, you will not be without something over your tooth. An abutment will be placed over the titanium post during recovery to make the process as simple as possible.

  • Step 4: Results – After your recovery, you can get your new dental restorations and enjoy all the benefits of your new dental implants.

What is recovery like?

You will need to watch what you eat during the recovery process of this treatment, but once you are healed, you can eat almost anything. Dental implants should be cared for just like natural teeth. You can brush and floss just like you normally would, so keeping up with your oral health is as easy as possible.

Get dental implants in Washington, D.C.

Dental implants are a great way to bring back the health and function that was lost when you lost your teeth. They are easy to care for, and you can just brush and floss them like your natural teeth. Our team can help you create a treatment plan to fit your goals and needs. Contact Washinton Center for Dentistry in Washington, D.C. today for a full consultation on the overall state of your oral and dental health.

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