Our Staff is Vaccinated! We Are Keeping You Covid Safe

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Welcome to a Safer Washington Center for Dentistry

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Even though the vaccine has arrived, Instacart, distance learning and working-from-home are still with us. But at Washington Center for Dentistry, you can count on the same atmosphere of comfort and care.
Once the elevator doors open to welcome you to our beautiful space, you can be free of worry with our many Covid-safe features:

  • Temperature checks and screening questions for every patient.
  • Decals on the floor protecting every one’s space.
  • Safely distanced chairs providing relaxed seating.
  • Every one of us at the Washington Center for Dentistry is now vaccinated against the COVID virus.
  • Hand-sanitizer stations offering a place to wash.
  • Hypochlorous acid foggers attacking virus in the air and on surfaces.
  • High-tech vacuums in our treatment suites, positioned outside the mouth to suck aerosols and neutralize them through special Hepa filters.
  • And filling every square inch of our office—a Triple-filter Industrial HVAC system that “ionizes” virus and bacteria in the air. Invisibly. No chemicals.

As more of you are returning, we are delighted to be reconnecting and to focus on keeping your mouth free of infection and your immune system strong.
Make sure to keep up with your care at Washington Center for Dentistry.

Most important: “Do not let your mouth weaken your defense against Covid!”