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How long does Invisalign take?

Let’s talk a little bit about how long Invisalign takes. I hear this question often and, for most people, it’s from six months to a year. The treatment starts by taking molds of your teeth, sending them off to a laboratory, and then receiving your trays. In our office, we actually take digital scans of your teeth so we can get started the same day you come into the office.Also, we’ve used a new technology called AcceleDent. With AcceleDent, you can just take an extra twenty minutes a day to use this technology and that cuts your treatment down in half. So, half of the time you would have had to wear Invisalign, you’ll be finished a lot faster by using AcceleDent.You know, one of the things people always want to know is “How long do I have to wear Invisalign?” You have to wear it for about 22 hours a day. You only take them out to eat. Compliance with this really helps your overall end treatment. So, I think Invisalign is a wonderful way to straighten your teeth. You don’t have to worry about wearing brackets and food getting stuck in your teeth. This is what a lot of adults do and end up having really good results.