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GLO Teeth Whitening | Washington, DC

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There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a beautiful, healthy, white smile that has the power to change a life and make a patient light up-- inside and out!

And that is why our new, high-performance GLO whitening treatment is getting amazing reviews.

Over the years, we have seen many brightening systems, but this one is different! A game-changing technology reaches the highest whitening level--in under an hour! Without pain!

Since it can only be applied by a dental professional, this system is able to combine the power of patented GLO warming-heat-and-light with high concentration professional strength whitening gel.

The magic is in the warming heat acceleration!

  • The sleek GLO Teeth Whitening Device harnesses the power of Guided Light Optics (G.L.O.) technology to accelerate results.
  • Then, special heat resistors and light reflectors inside the mouthpiece go to work directing the energy of gentle warming heat and safe LED light into the whitening gel.
  • This warming energy boosts the whitening process, energizing the hydrogen peroxide surrounding each tooth with even more whitening power.
  • This proprietary “boost” leads to faster results. No sensitivity!

With all this exciting smile brightening taking place, the best part is being able to relax with the easy and comfortable application, and the short eight-minute sessions that seem to go by before you know it! And, of course, a lighter, brighter smile is a great reward!