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GLO Teeth Whitening at Home

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Another great feature of OUR NEW GLO whitening system is that patients can continue to boost their whitening result at home! Since the same foods and drinks that darkened our teeth in the first place, can still affect the brightness of our teeth over time.

That is why many of our patients are taking advantage of GLO’s new, “Take-Home Kit,” which includes the same-professional strength brightening light! It is like getting professional results in the comfort of your own home.

The take-home GLO Vials are designed to let you easily brush on our specially formulated, sensitivity-free, no-drip hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening gel. It only takes seconds to apply and it stays on your teeth without running onto your gums.

In addition, GLO Vials feature an air-tight seal inside so you always get fresh, active gel even after opening - no refrigeration required.

  • Simply brush the gel directly onto your teeth - it will penetrate and evaporate, vaporizing stains and whitening your smile.
  • No messy strips needed and no need to rinse.
  • Each GLO Vial contains enough gel for at least 6 applications.
  • Use GLO Vials on their own-even without the light to whiten in seconds on-the-go or accelerate your results by pairing them with your GLO Device.
  • GLO Vials are vegan, recyclable, gluten/latex/cruelty-free.