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New Style Crowns Work Magic!*

Procedure Details

As a young girl, Lauren was born with lateral "side teeth" that were the undesirable shape of shortened pegs. Her dentist at the time place what are now old-style "porcelain-over-metal" crowns. Over time, black lines appear along the gum line over these types of crowns. In a short period of time, misshapen and uneven teeth were transformed into a delightful and more pleasing smile. All-porcelain veneers and all-porcelain crowns were placed over her front teeth. Voila! And a more symmetrical smile emerged. There is no metal under layer with our modern completely all-porcelain restorations. So, with these crowns and veneers, there is no possibility of a dark line to ever appear along the gumline. A beautiful smile is hers to enjoy.

Newer Crowns Look Great!


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