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New Dentistry’s Precision Digital Smile Design!

We start with your face. What would the ideal—natural—smile look like between YOUR lips?

The only dental office in Washington, DC with the new proprietary Bellus3D “Facial Scan” software, our patients receive 21st Century, 360-degree smile design that goes beyond the standard tooth-centered focus.

  • The traditional way says, “Let’s look at existing teeth, and see how we can improve on that,” says Dr. Michael Katsaros. “And more than 90 percent of dentists make a model of existing teeth and decide on a way to change them.”

  • Studying with international smile design leaders, Dr. Katsaros has learned superior smile design comes from becoming a “facial expert.” This newest dentistry makes more natural, personalized smiles possible with the esthetic harmony of lips, gumline, teeth and head.

  • That means being able to analyze the unique movement between your lips and everything around them. It also points to the best choice for the shape and length of each tooth.

  • Our futuristic digital technology and innovative artistic techniques make it happen. From eight different angles, we gather an array of photos, videos and scans that record important metrics of your head and face.

  • Analyzing how your skin drapes and moves over the bones of your face is a key element! “What better way to understand how your very own smile relates to your own face?” says Dr. Katsaros. “After all, it’s a beautiful SMILE we’re after—not just prettier teeth.”

Did you know the way light hits your teeth is an important ingredient in your smile? We make sure that when your lips part to reveal your new smile, your teeth capture the light perfectly. Light needs to hit teeth crisply, to reflect the translucency and transparency of underlying whiteness of the tooth.

The finishing touch is a lustrous pearlescent color to compliment your overall skin tone. “The final effect in our signature smile,” says Dr. Katsaros, “is a sense of ‘liveliness’ that makes your smile ‘pop’ as light rebounds off different layers of each tooth.”

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