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More Men Are Embracing Cosmetic Dentistry

In recent years, more men are seeking out cosmetic dental procedures, like teeth whitening, invisalign and veneers to look more youthful and robust. Call us at 202-888-3323 to schedule a consultation.

That old perception about men not going to the dentist is true, according to the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) and its online poll that queried 289 general dentists and consumers. Nearly half felt that men don't see a need to go to the dentist and about a third reported that men may not visit the dentist because they are afraid or embarrassed to go. Almost 18 percent noted that men just don't have the time for a dental visit, and about five percent felt that men don't even have a regular dentist.

While the AGD now reports this long-held trend is changing for the better, we are happy to report that men coming to our office already buck the trend. "I would say at least half of my smile makeovers are for men," says Dr. Michael Katsaros, a cosmetic specialist at Washington Center for Dentistry. "Male patients I see are high up on the career ladder or young men on their way up. They make sure they have the total package of grooming, fitness and a good, strong smile to complete the picture."

Dr. Katsaros notes that men also do a lot of research about oral health and appearance-related dentistry. "They are ready to whiten and get veneers to improve the shape, color and alignment of their teeth," he says. "And they leave our office looking a lot better."

"A young, healthy smile now is part of good grooming," says Dr. Daniel J. Deutsch, about the increasing number of men who seek out cosmetic dental service. "It used to be that women patients talked about cosmetic concerns when it came to their teeth," he says. "But now more and more men ask about keeping up their looks with bleaching, veneers and bonding."

Dr. Deutsch explains that many of his male patients are noticing how a colleague's improved smile provides important currency in the world of business. And that business environment has changed. Men no longer can expect to work for one employer in their lifetime. And today's lay-offs and company closings are forcing middle-aged men to compete for jobs with their younger counterparts, making appearance a desirable factor in the work place.

"It used to be that men waved off the notion of the smallest appearance-related treatment," says Dr. Deutsch. "Now, they're calling up and scheduling to have it all done at once."

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