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Is bottled water bad for my teeth?

Millions of Americans have turned to bottled water as part of their nutrition plan. You've probably seen evidence of it here in the Washington, D.C., area – bottles in the gym, at the office, and on the go. We consume almost 8.4 billion gallons of bottled water every year. The concern in general dentistry is what drinking all that bottled water is doing to our teeth.

Missing Fluoride

It's not that bottled water is bad for your health. It's that bottled water does not contain fluoride. Almost every municipality in the U.S. has been adding fluoride to the water supply since the 1950s. When you drink tap water you get an extra dose of cavity fighting fluoride with every sip.

The problem now is that drinking bottled water has become so widespread dentists are seeing the effects of the missing fluoride in children. The rise in tooth decay in children under the age of ten is alarming.

In a survey published by the journal of Pediatric Dentistry it was reported that 70 percent of parents give their children bottled water for reasons as varied as convenience, taste preference, or fear of tap water.


Don't Fear the Tap

The bottom line is: Don't fear the tap. The fluoride in tap water is good for you. Keep drinking it. If you don't, you are much more likely to be visiting us more often.

If you are concerned about how your nutrition habit of drinking bottled water may have affected your dental health, please call 202-599-9531 or contact Washington Center for Dentistry today.



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