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How Long Does Gum Bleaching Last?

Gum pigmentation is caused by melanin and melanin is a natural substance in our body that we find in freckles, sun spots, age spots. It’s what makes us tan in the summertime. Unfortunately, some people have an overproduction of melanin in their gums. There are a lot of methods of gum bleaching, however, the preferred method in this office is to use a laser. Now, there’s a lot of different kinds of lasers, but we use a water lase. Now, a water lase is a laser that utilizes water, air, and laser energy to gently peel away the layers of the dark pigmentation. We love this method here in this office because there is zero discomfort during the procedure and minimal after. Another question that patients ask is: “How long does gum bleaching last?” Well, let’s remember that this is caused by melanin and melanin occurs naturally in our body. So, the black or brown pigmentation is really always occurring in our body. With the laser, we’re just removing – layer by layer – the dark pigments that we see. Therefore, we all produce melanin at a different time schedule. Recurrence will be different for everybody. We’re expecting though about one and a half to three years though. Retreatment is fine. It doesn’t hurt to go back in again to do the procedure. However, exciting things are happening on the horizon because they are trying to develop methods to actually inhibit melanin formation in our body which would then stop it from coming back forever.