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Washington Center For Dentistry - Invisalign Patient Testimonial - Washington, DC

Hi my name is Frank Busserto. I'm in my early 40s. And I am a patient of Dr. Deutsch at the Washington Center for Dentistry. Dr. Deutsch recommended Invisalign on my cleaning appointment. He realized that due the crowding on the bottom and top of my teeth, I was developing a lot of buildup, and it was really hard to floss. I feel really ashamed of my smile. I couldn't really talk to people, I didn't feel comfortable at all. Dr. Deutsch and I discussed the treatment, and I started my Invisalign case. It's been 12 months, a wonderful 12 months, and I can say that my bite and my teeth are straight now. I can smile with confidence. It's been the best investment I have ever done on myself. Due to my job, and the amount of time that I spend on the phone, or interacting with patients, I was afraid of lisping, or maybe not being able to speak properly. It was amazing. The trays really, really helped me get back my confidence. People would not even notice that I was wearing Invisalign. When I would mention to them, "Yes, I am an Invisalign patient," and would show them my trays, they were surprised. They would say, "I couldn't even tell you were wearing your trays." I would wear my trays all day long, for 22 hours. I would remove my trays for dinner, for lunch, breakfast. I would brush, and put my trays back on. It was very simple. It was a really simple process. I got used to my trays in no time. I think that my before and after really show amazing results. I would highly recommend Invisalign to anyone.