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How to get white teeth

Let’s talk about ways to whiten your teeth.One way you can whiten your teeth is by in-office treatment. Here in our office, we use Zoom Whitening treatment. This is a way to get your teeth whitened in one visit. It normally takes an hour to two hours and you walk out with the results you’re looking for.Another way to do it is by taking trays home. We can make molds of your teeth, you can take the trays home and, usually, within ten to fourteen days, your teeth are a lot brighter than they were when you started.If this doesn’t work for you or if your teeth are stained because of a lot of internal factors, you may need some porcelain coverings. We do veneers that are just beautiful. They really cover the teeth nicely. You get the shade and the shape that you want. Or sometimes you have to go a little bit more aggressive and even get crowns or caps that brighten your teeth.