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Washington Center for Dentistry Video Testimonial from Susan D.

So, it had been quite a while since I had been to a dentist and I was feeling a little bit guilty and someone I know said that they had been to the Washington Center for Dentistry and it was a really different kind of experience. So, even though I live out in Bethesda, Maryland, I thought, Okay, Ill give it a try, and I did and it really was different. I’ve never had a hygiene facility like this anywhere. They were so thorough. It was like they were trying to catch little problems before they turned into big problems. They explained everything to me all along the way. One way they did that that I really liked, they took digital x-rays and then they projected those on a screen right in front of me through the whole appointment. So, they found a little trouble spot or a little area that needed special attention, they could point to it on the x-ray, I could look at it and see it with my own eyes. They also did a fluoride treatment and that was something that I had not had done since I was a child. But, apparently, its been found that this is really important for adults, too. Its a good preventative measure. Another thing they did, they took measurements of my gum health and they kept a record of all those. Every time I come in, they monitor that, they follow it again to just sort of get upfront of problems before anything big and bad would happen. They told me a very basic thing. They said maybe consider getting an electric toothbrush and I did and I’ve just been really surprised at what a difference it makes and feeling like my teeth are really getting cleaner. The hygienist was the one who mentioned that. She was just very knowledgeable, really personable. I felt completely at ease with her and the dentist, too. Doctor Deutsch was terrific. I had a lot of questions. He answered all of them. In fact, for my next follow-up visit, he was going to be away on the date that I wanted to come in and I just felt so good about everybody I ran into there, all the people I encountered. It didn’t matter to me that I couldn’t see him again. I really trusted that they were all great. You know, the whole practice seemed so professional, so efficient. At the same time, it was just really warm and friendly and personal. The people were all just great. You know, I guess my bottom line was that it was definitely worth coming in from Bethesda. I took the metro. It was real easy. There’s a stop right by the office. You know, I will keep coming. To me, I guess I walked away from the whole first experience thinking, if they do this great a job and just are so careful with the routine hygiene visit, I would very much trust them for anything big that I would need to have done in the future.