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Cosmetic Dentistry Patient Testimonial from Jane

Hi! My name is Jane and I have been a patient at the Washington Center for Dentistry for over twenty years. I have to share with you that I am a severe dental phobic. I have been coming here, as I said, for over twenty years and I would say that, for all of those twenty years, I have wanted to do something about my bad British teeth. They’re yellow, they were crooked, and I was a little bit hesitant. I was scared. I had met Dr. Rinaldi. We talked about it, I think, for about a year before I finally decided I was going to take the plunge and do something about it. When Dr. Rinaldi told me what he could do, I was a little bit apprehensive. I think that what it was was I knew exactly what I did not want; I wasn’t sure what I wanted. And what I did not want was big Chiclet teeth that looked so false, and Dr. Rinaldi told me that that is not what he does that he was going to match the teeth that he replaced to the teeth that he did not. So, I felt a lot of confidence that he was going to get the smile to look natural. I never knew that there was a place like Washington Center for Dentistry some office and practice that catered to patients who were dental phobic but I was made so comfortable. It was a whole lot easier than I thought. In fact, I was rather embarrassed for holding that stuffed animal and William’s hand so tightly. I couldn’t have been more comfortable. If I had wanted music, Dr. Rinaldi said I could have music. I could have a towel. Everything was done to make me comfortable. The only regret I have is that I didn’t do it sooner. One of the big things for me is that I would never smile in photographs. I was always embarrassed about my teeth. I would absolutely recommend Washington Center for Dentistry particularly Dr. Rinaldi, He’s kind. He’s gentle. Whatever it takes to make you comfortable, he will do, his staff will do. It’s a pleasure, actually, to come here.