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Cosmetic Dentistry Patient Testimonial from Isabel

Hi! My name is Isabel and I’m a patient at the Washington Center for Dentistry. Before I came to Dr. Peter Rinaldi, my teeth were extremely stained. There was no enamel to them. I also had a big chip in the front tooth that, no matter how many times I would fix it with any other dentist, it just wouldn’t stay and I was just very self-conscious about my smile.In the career I am, I work one-on-one in the beauty industry with clients all day and I just feel like I couldn’t be my 100 percent with them and I do have a big smile so it definitely affected the way I interacted with them and the warmth that I gave off to them. So, I was at work one day and a client of mine referred me to Dr. Rinaldi and I MapQuested him and he was five minutes away from my work so I said, “Okay!” I blocked my schedule off and decided to make an appointment with him.I came for the consultation with Dr. Rinaldi and we sat down and talked about, you know, the kind of work my teeth needed and what I liked about him is that he didn’t sell me on all the veneers that I wanted. I knew I wanted veneers. I didn’t know if I needed them all and he kind of just broke it down for me and he said that, you know, we decided on six of them and he worked within my budget so that was fantastic. Immediately, I was kind of sold on that. After having the consultation done, I kind of already had an idea of exactly what I needed. I figured out that I could use CareCredit and the fact that also Dr. Rinaldi was so warm and I felt so comfortable with him. I honestly and genuinely felt very comfortable and I knew that he had the best interest in me and he just came so highly referred that I knew that I was in good hands. My experience at the Washington Center for Dentistry was absolutely amazing. Like, immediately, as soon as I walk in, they offered me water, there were juice, and I’m like, “Okay, I’ve never had this experience before at a dentist.” Everybody was so nice and just all-around just fantastic people. Everybody had a smile on their face. Everybody was happy to be there and I said, “Okay, I know I’m at the right place.” After getting my procedure done, I feel so much more confidence and just like in all-around interacting with my clients. People come up to me all the time, they’re like, “You have a fantastic smile!” and I just kind of smile to myself and, “If you only knew!” Sometimes, I’ll let them know where I got this smile. But, sometimes, it’s like my little secret. But I would highly, highly recommend the Washington Center for Dentistry.