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Cosmetic Dentistry Patient Testimonial from Raquel

Hi! My name is Raquel and I am a patient of Washington Center for Dentistry. My story started when I was seventeen years old while playing sports in high school and I continued to fix the chipped tooth throughout the years. Of course, when you fix the tooth over and over, you remove a little bit more of the enamel from the tooth while you’re trying to fix it. Of course, it continued to chip over and I came in. I met with Dr. Rinaldi here at Washington Center for Dentistry and we worked on a plan to have the problem fixed permanently. After I met with Dr. Rinaldi, he evaluated me and I had had bonding with a different dentist from previous years before and we came up with a solution of two veneers in my case because he already had said that my smile was perfect the way it was and we just needed to fix those two teeth. So, what we did is we set up a complimentary consultation. I spoke with him. I felt very comfortable and I felt very secure about the treatment plan that he had requested and recommended. So, the experience overall was very accommodating. I was very comfortable and I was very relaxed. It actually wasn’t really that long of an appointment. It was a very short appointment so it really didn’t interact with my daily stuff that I had to do so it was actually very convenient. He got me in and out but he did a wonderful job. So, the overall experience was absolutely wonderful. I actually paid a visit to my mother the other day in Pennsylvania and she noticed something different about me. She really couldn’t tell what it was but she just knew that I was smiling more. Eventually, you know, I had to tell her what was different. She really couldn’t really point it out. So, the fact that even my mother couldn’t tell really made me feel very confident and I am definitely smiling a lot more.