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Washington Center for Dentistry | Best Dentist in Washington DC

Washington Center for Dentistry | Best Dentist in Washington DC


Speaker 1: At the Washington Center for Dentistry, patients are in for a five-star treatment. This well-established practice boasts six dental professionals and it's just steps away from DC's most treasured monuments. Located in the heart of the nation's capital at 1430 K Street, the Washington Center is the sought after destination for honorable and ethical results. 

Dr. Deutsch: Washington Center for Dentistry is a group of highly trained dentists and dental professionals who come together to treat patients and try to keep them healthy.

Dr. Katsaros: We work very hard together as a staff and team to deliver treatments on a routine basis as consistent and as painless and as uninterruptible to their daily schedule as possible. 

Dr. Rinaldi: We try to stay on the cutting edge of all the technology, of understanding oral systemic health, one of the best things that we can give our patients to provide the optimum in dental health.

Dr. Fordjour: We understand that body health and oral health are interconnected. Technology is great because it allows to do what we already do well, with more precision.

Dr. Katsaros: And the more precise something can be done, the more affective it can fit, the longer it can last, and we're excited about that. The patients, they're pleased to see that.

Speaker 6: Before I came here, my smile was something I was very frustrated with. I had four implants done and a new crown. I was so ecstatic. I kept smiling large. I think for that whole next month I walked around with an artificial smile. I was so happy.

Laura Nissley: One aspect of my job that's really special to me, is getting to work closely with our implant patients. Some of them are very anxious, and just appreciate that extra care to take time to spend with them throughout the procedure.

Lisha Puckett: I love working here because the team is like a family. We're always looking out for one another, and always teaching and helping us move forward and grow in our path. 

Dr. Rinaldi: People here are people people, and that's what makes it so great. They actually enjoy helping people. That's why this is such an unique place.