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Implants: What to Expect

Today, no one needs to accept a life with missing teeth. Implants offer a solution to missing or poorly formed teeth. During the consultation session, patients learn that dental implants look, feel and function like strong natural teeth. Patients usually need no pre-medication and should arrive for the implant appointment well-rested. Doctors implant sturdy titanium posts directly into the jaw bone to serve as a completely functional root and anchor for the new artificial tooth. Then the doctor fashions a porcelain crown and places it into the new root. The procedure takes about one and a half to two hours and patients can return to work the next day. The doctor checks on the healing process during a follow-up visit about two weeks later. The implant becomes a new root in about three to six months, the time it takes for them to grow around the new root. The doctor makes a new porcelain crown and permanently places it in the implant. After treatment, the dentist develops a home care plan to ensure the implants, teeth and gums remain healthy for a long time.