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Cosmetic Dentistry Patient Testimonial from Arissa

Now, this procedure, because you have dark pigmentation there, is removed by using a laser, did you know that? I’ve seen something online, but I wasn’t really sure about anything. There’ve been a lot of methods, but the laser seems to work the best for us. Ok. I feel good about my smile, the only thing that’s really bothered me is my gums and I don’t like the tone, some people, they ask me have I ever smoked, so that really bothers me. But the actual shape and the color of my teeth, I’m really happy with my smile, I like my dimples. I just…I just really want my gums really pink so I can kind of…it’s like the completion for me, I guess. I started with Google and then I found Washington dentistry and I looked at some of the photos and I was really happy with the results, the comparisons online, and I decided to make my appointment and come in. It wasn’t bad at all, it was pretty quick, maybe about 20 minutes and I’m really, really happy with the results. I even got a little gum contouring; it’s almost like a two in one! But it was really, it was a great experience. I really like it. I can’t wait until they actually heal all the way so I can see the full results, but I’m happy. There was a little flat across the front. Even here. Yeah, I peaked it, I showed more of the tooth. Oh wow! Oh my God! Oh wow! That is crazy! “I was surprised that in just a few minutes, Dr. Rinaldi painlessly transformed my smile with his laser. I was so happy seeing for the first time my new smile with beautiful pink gums. Dr. Rinaldi and William were so gentle and caring. They made it so easy.”

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